How to avoid Relapse

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Relapse is a process, it’s not an event. In order to understand relapse prevention you have to understand the stages of relapse. Relapse starts weeks or even months before the event of physical relapse. Within therapy you can learn how to use specific relapse prevention techniques for each stage of relapse. There are three stages of relapse.

  • Emotional relapse
  • Mental relapse
  • Physical relapse

Within therapy we are able to discuss with you where you feel you may be in regards to relapse. It may be that you have already started drinking/using again and are looking for some support to get clean and sober. It might be that you have not yet picked a substance up yet but feel close to doing so. relapse prevention can help you explore why it is you feel the compulsion to use has returned and explore strategies of preventing this mental relapse turning into a physical relapse.

Many people who become free of substances and embark on a journey of recovery feel very grateful to have stopped using. This is not always the case, for some people that process can be extremely painful as the drugs/alcohol were masking a lot of pain that was already there before and during the course of their addiction. This can mean that when they remove the dependancy they are still left with a lot of emotional pain. if this pain is not dealt with by either attending support groups and/or counselling the pain can leave them at high risk of using substances again.

If you feel at risk of using a drink or drug again or have already picked a substance up maybe its time to consider some extra support.

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